Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This male patient, 5’7″ and 135 pounds, has had gynecomastia since puberty. It hasn’t changed in years despite non-surgical medical management. He was told by some of his physicians that he should give it a few years and see if it would “go away.” He admits that having fullness in his chest area has been a psychological burden (to say the least). I performed a bilateral excision of dense breast tissue through gynecomastia surgery.

He was very thin with little to no body fat per say, so he required no liposuction as well. In his post operative photos you can see that he has developed some scar hypertrophy especially on the left side. I will treat this with the injection of a small amount of steroids, massage and silicone scar strips. This will improve with time.

This case illustrates several important points to consider in patients with gynecomastia. In my experience, patients who develop fullness in the breast area at a younger age are more susceptible to psychological scars. Although most cases of puberty induced gynecomastia resolves after a year or two, in some cases it does not. These patients comprise the largest group of people that I see for treatment. If it hasn’t changed after a few years it’s time to consider removal of the tissue before more significant psychological trauma occurs. Also, if you look at the sample of tissue that was removed it’s amazing at how much was present and the fact that the difference, although very real, seems modest compared to this large tissue removal. The main goal of improving his puffy nipples certainly has been achieved.