Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient is post-operative day number 1. You can see my markings and the mild bruising and swelling after gynecomastia treatment of his chest (Zones 1-3). Check out the side and oblique photos for the amazing and immediate result from treatment. He is from far away so we wanted to capture this early result.

My post operation “pep talk” is a big deal. It’s all about positivity and encouragement. It’s a new beginning. No longer will you be dealing with the stigma and life altering behaviors that come attached with gynecomastia. This is your time to shine—to decide how you want to change your life for the better and invest in your body and your mind. This is really truly exciting stuff and one of the primary reasons I perform gynecomastia treatment to liberate your mind and fully engage the benefits of appropriate, expert gynecomastia treatment!