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Dr. Caridi tells about his own gyno treatment

Dr. C Opens Up About His Own Gyno Treatment

I thought you all would enjoy reading about my experience with gynecomastia treatment. Yes, I had treatment for what I called “older guy” gynecomastia. I’m still trying to think of a name for my type of gynecomastia that doesn’t make it sound old or insignificant. I haven’t written about it publicly until now. I never had gynecomastia personally until I hit the age of sixty. I was always in relatively good shape and I had a good body image of […]

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surgeon performing cosmetic surgery procedure

Is Your Doctor Qualified To Treat Gynecomastia?

I founded the Austin Gynecomastia Center over a decade ago to accomplish a personal goal: simplify the diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia. This needed to happen because it was quite obvious to me that there was too much confusion and misunderstanding regarding the condition. There wasn’t a “standard” general approach, even amongst surgeons.  How many boys have been told when they were young, “Don’t worry, the gynecomastia will go away on its own,” only to suffer the consequences for years, […]

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man doing push ups to find out if exercise can get rid of gynecomastia

Can Exercise Get Rid of Gynecomastia?

Do chest exercises for gyno actually help? Before talking about the effectiveness of chest exercises to get rid of gynecomastia, let’s back up to the big picture. Gynecomastia is the appearance of a female-like breast in a man. The condition won’t physically hurt you — it’s all about how it looks. How do you know if you have gyno? For most men, it’s obvious when you have a feminine chest because there is a much thicker layer of tissue on […]

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former patient showing why get your gynecomastia treated

Why Get Your Gynecomastia Treated

This is a wonderful case to illustrate why gents get gynecomastia surgery and why I do so much of it. This young man and I crossed paths some years back and I found him full of personality and motivation. He had significant gynecomastia as you can clearly see in his pre-operative photos. I was not able to get any formal post-operative photos but he did send me some periodic selfies to update his progress. The saying “a photograph is worth […]

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chart showing causes of puffy nipples after gynecomastia surgery

Puffy Nipples After Gynecomastia Surgery

What Do You Do If You Have Puffy Nipples After Gyno Surgery? We know that puffy nipples are related to gynecomastia and that the only treatment is gynecomastia surgery involving the removal of the tissue and the contouring of the chest so the result is smooth and masculine with small and flat areolas. Unfortunately, some men continue to have puffy nipples after gynecomastia surgery. Why does this happen? What does it mean and what can you do about it? When […]

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gynecomastia surgery recovery at the austin gynecomastia center

Tips For Successful Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

After the many gyno surgeries I have completed at the Austin Gynecomastia Center, I want to offer gynecomastia surgery recovery tips that will answer many of the common questions that I am asked. Once I refined the art of gynecomastia treatment, my focus shifted to the care of patients AFTER gynecomastia surgery. I have experienced the benefits of aftercare with all my wonderful gynecomastia patients, and I am grateful to them all. Let me share a bit of my knowledge […]

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