Austin Gynecomastia Center and Man Boobs: How Did I Get That Mass Of Tissue Out From That Tiny Incision?

gynecomastia surgery austinI was recently in the office with a postoperative gynecomastia patient and we were looking at his before and after pictures of his “man boobs” glandular tissue removal. He remarked with disbelief that he couldn’t believe that I was able to remove such huge masses from the tiny incisions around his areolas.

It made me think about something to which I don’t actively give much thought. What is amazing is that the tissue compresses nicely in most cases as I pull it through the incision. Only once did I have to divide the mass in two just so I could remove it in more manageable sections.

The small incision around the areola is the gold standard technique. It heals and hides very well and allows direct access to the meat of the problem—pun intended. If your surgeon recommends an incision anywhere else you should politely question why. I recently saw a patient whose first surgeon had made incisions at the bottom of the chest area—that’s a real no-no because it leaves a visible scar. This particular patient needed a second operation, which is why I always recommend that you exercise care when selecting your surgeon so you can get it done right once and for all.

I often give my patients the opportunity to see and sometimes feel the excised tissue. I believe it helps prove that what was removed is gone permanently, and that it bring some element of closure to their gynecomastia by providing tangible evidence of its removal. I always believe that the mental aspect of gynecomastia is more significant than the physical burden.

I am committed to helping my patients recover from gynecomastia both physically and mentally. I hope you will consider gynecomastia treatment at the Austin Gynecomastia Center.

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