Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This young woman presented to me for a breast revision. She had a previous breast augmentation with 300cc silicone implants. She complained that her breasts were too large and they brought too much unwanted attention her way. She worked with a bunch of men and her breasts didn’t help matters at all.

The plan was to reduce the overall size of her breasts with a combination of smaller breast implants and a breast reduction as well through a vertical approach so the final scar would be shaped like a lollipop.

She is seen here several months out from her procedure. I used 250cc high profile silicone implants that were placed in the same pocket and a bilateral breast reduction of about 71 grams each side. The ultimate goal was to build a smaller, more perky breast that is better matched with her figure.

She is very pleased with her result and she looks quite different in clothing. It is not uncommon for women who have had a previous breast augmentation to want them smaller for two major reasons. First, often surgeons encourage larger implants because they equate a happy patient with larger implants. This is clearly not always the case and the decision on implant size requires careful consideration and counsel from a plastic surgeon who is sensitive to size related issues. Second, as life goes on people change. Breasts that are too large can make you look matronly and overweight. Smaller breast implants are less work overall in terms of care and management. A breast augmentation is a wonderful procedure but it shouldn’t be taken lightly as there are many issues to consider both short and long term. Choose a surgeon who understands that bigger isn’t always better and that women often see things differently from a mans perspective. It’s my job to understand the wishes of my breast enhancement patients and to work with them when determining size related issues.