Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This patient, 5’8″ and 130 pounds, presented to me after having two previous breast procedures. First she had silicone breast implants but had them removed after the “scare” in the eighties when the FDA removed them from the market for suspected problems related to connective tissue disorders. They were replaced with saline implants. Her complaint was that the right breast implant deflated and her left breast implant felt firmer and was displaced superolaterally as well. Her implants were subglandular.

We elected to remove both breast implants and perform a complete capsulectomy on both sides (removal of the scar capsule that forms around all implants). I removed implants that were 425cc and replaced them with 400cc smooth silicone beneath the muscle. I adjusted the pockets to station the implants in the ideal position.

Note the improved shape and symmetry. They are soft and natural to touch. It is often recommended that when you have had your implants for 10 plus years that you remove as much as the implant capsule as possible particularly if it appears calcified because this can interfere with mammography. I moved the implants into the submuscular position for better implant soft tissue coverage, more long lasting results, a more natural shape and feel and probable less likelihood of breast contracture recurrence.