Breast Implant Profile

A breast implant profile refers to the difference in the projection of the implant, relative to the diameter of the base of the implant, for the same volume (tall and narrow vs. wide and short). Over the past five years or so I have been using more high profile implants because they look perkier and more youthful than the lower profile variety. High profile implants often work very well in cases where the breast is fuller sized and wide in appearance. The projection of the high profile implants narrows the breasts and provides for very significant projection, which makes the breasts appear more youthful and perky. Implant size and profile are the two most important variables that need to be explored during your consultation so that we choose the right dimensions for you. High profile implants are not an ideal choice when a thin patient with small breasts prefers smaller implants–they can appear “stuck-on” and like “doorknobs”. The best way to appreciate the difference in the implant profiles is to try them on in the surgeon’s office and look in the mirror. The difference becomes immediately obvious.