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Look Your Best, Safely

Body Lift

Dr. Caridi's Take
  • Overview

    Some patients have extensive loose skin that needs more than a tummy tuck. When the lift is around the waist like a “belt”, this is a body lift.

    Usually these are patients with low elasticity skin or those who have had a tremendous amount of weight loss (over a hundred pounds typically). With more and more patients having bariatric procedures (surgery to help patients lose weight), this is not uncommon. I prefer to send heavier, higher-risk patients to other surgeons who will perform the procedure in the hospital.

  • Dr. Caridi's Take

    I practice in an outpatient setting. Patients go home after their procedures. They are healthy and excellent candidates for the procedures (as determined by myself and my anesthesiologist). Patients with extreme skin laxity and those who are higher risk because of their body mass or health related issues are best managed in the inpatient hospital setting. If you send me a photo of yourself and a brief history, I can generally determine your suitability for my practice.

    I may stage procedures based on safety issues and obtaining the best result. An example of this is performing an abdominoplasty and maybe some liposuction at one setting, followed by a breast enhancement and a thigh or arm lift at another.