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Arm Lift Austin

Dr. Caridi's Take
The Procedure
  • Overview

    An arm lift or brachioplasty is a surgical procedure involving the skin and fat of your arms, typically the posterior part. Some people are born with large arms while others develop loose, hanging skin with increasing age or after significant weight loss. In some cases liposuction alone can improve the size and shape of the arms. In others, removal of tissue with a scar is needed for the best improvement. The scar typically runs from the armpit to the elbow. If placed well, this scar is not visible when your arms are at your side. In patients who have loose skin that is located near the underarm area alone, it’s possible to remove skin so that the scar is hidden in the armpit.

  • Dr. Caridi's Take

    This is a good procedure in the right patient. The scars are significant and a large percentage of them will spread when then heal. Again, expert surgery is needed to “get it right” and make sure the scar is in the most inconspicuous position. Don’t underestimate the value of liposuction alone in this area as the ability of the skin to retract is quite impressive.

  • The Procedure

    Anesthesia Options

    General Anesthesia, or in some cases IV Sedation or even Local.

    Risks and Benefits

    The most common problems associated with this surgery are wound healing and final scar appearance. Scars are the greatest drawback to this operation. Smokers are advised to discontinue smoking three weeks prior to surgery, as smoking increases the risks of complications and delays wound healing by altering blood circulation in the skin.

    Complete scar maturation takes about a year and a half. This is when your scar will begin to look its best. Scars will be red and raised at first but typically flatten and lighten over time. The benefits of the procedure is a slender arm that does not “jiggle.” Patients are less self-conscious about their arms and  feel more comfortable wearing clothing that show their arms.

  • Recovery

    Your arms will be swollen for several weeks following the procedure. Your hands may swell. Arm elevation is important to prevent excessive swelling. I will see you at the office 2-3 days following surgery to remove dressings, assess your wounds and to possibly remove drains if used. Silicone gel sheeting is recommended to ensure the best scar possible. I recommend the use of compression garments for up to six weeks after the procedure to control swelling and improve post operative skin contour.