An About Face with Facial Plastic Surgery

After a significant decline in recent years, facial plastic surgery is making a big comeback, dare I say we’re encountering an about face with facial plastic surgery. Why the decline in the first place? Well, the initial popularity of non-invasive procedures (like laser services) and minimally invasive procedures (like the “Thread Lift”) were attractive to patients looking for “mini” procedures that they believed would offer them impressive results with little downside. Non plastic surgeons led the charge into these alternatives simply because they perceived on opportunity to get into into the cosmetic market even though the benefits of the procedures were unknown. The malaise after the economic bust in 2007 also kept people from spending money on elective cosmetic procedures.

Facial Plastic Surgery at Westlake Plastic Surgery - Robert Caridi, MD - Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Austin, TXBut now, the popularity of facial procedures has made the proverbial “About Face.” I have seen a 20 percent increase in requests for plastic surgery of the face within my practice.

Why is this so? Well, for one thing, non-invasive procedures certainly sound good, but the benefits are minimal and the cost high. Patients have begun to see the long-term results of these procedures – hardly any difference at all! In fact, not only do these non-invasive procedures offer only minimal improvement, but they have also harmed some patients and have given all elective cosmetic procedures a bad name.

Despite what the tabloids and over-sensationalized media would have you believe, procedures like faceliftsnose jobseye jobsbrow lifts and neck work can offer tremendous, natural looking benefits, when performed by the expert hands of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

Are you sitting on the fence when it comes to plastic surgery of the face? Do you worry about “alien” looking results? Are you concerned that you won’t look like you?

It might just be the time to visit with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and learn more about your options and what you can reasonably expect. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Robert Caridi, MD