What is the difference between a Breast augmentation and reduction (BAR) procedure and a breast augmentation and mastopexy?

Because the future of advanced breast enhancement requires tissue reduction and implant placement, it’s important for an educated patient to completely understand the differences in terminology that the media and plastic surgeons use to describe these alternative breast enhancements. In a mastopexy, or breast lift, the breast is reshaped by tightening the skin of the breast around the existing tissue without tissue removal. Results will almost certainly deteriorate in a short period of time and WILL NOT add fullness to […]

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The benefits of a Mommy Makeover at Westlake Plastic Surgery.

Do you feel sexy? When it comes to women considering plastic surgery after childbearing, no doubt these thoughts are inspired by the changes that occur from pregnancy, which can rob women of their figures and the assets that make them feel attractive. So much depends on having “sex appeal” and a positive body image: from being more confident to helping your sex life and increasing the intimacy between you and your significant other, feeling desirable can even reduce stress and […]

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The Austin Gynecomastia Center and its founder, Dr. Robert Caridi, thank all his patients.

It’s been ten years since the inception of the Austin Gynecomastia Center. I realized many years ago that gynecomastia is a big deal to my patients—yet I was never taught in my plastic surgery residency that there is a profound mental component to this condition. Here I am a decade later with one of the largest gynecomastia practices anywhere. I am so grateful to all my patients who have taught me the true meaning of gynecomastia, and who have opened […]

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Does the Austin Gynecomastia Center treat patients who are from out of town?

We are fortunate to have over half of our patients come from all over the country and overseas because it’s fun meeting new people and learning about them and where they are from. There is no need to travel to Austin for a consultation. We offer a “Virtual Consultation” feature on our website that allows prospective patients to access Dr. Caridi’s firsthand input, for free, using either email communication or a Skype session from the convenience and privacy of your […]

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Holistic approach to the treatment of gynecomastia: “Are You a Surgeon or a Therapist?”

Recently, a patient asked me the above question. He asked me that because I had spent a lot of time with him helping him overcome gynecomastia. He had lived with it since his adolescent years and he could vividly recall many instances during his life of intense embarrassment and humiliation that had left their marks on his psyche. I call that a scar from having to deal with gynecomastia. You see, it’s very easy for me to surgically treat my […]

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What do you do if you think that your young son has gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a benign condition and does not cause any health problems. The reason why we treat it is that it induces embarrassment, discomfort, humiliation, and anxiety. Men who suffer from it often develop significant psychological problems that can affect them for the rest of their lives. Breast development that occurs in the formative years of puberty can be particularly psychologically harmful as these young boys are developing their sense of sexuality. From the perspective of an adolescent, girls have […]

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