What is the worst that could happen by choosing smaller breast implants in Austin?

Many patients whom I consult with nowadays about breast augmentation are fixated on selecting smaller breast implants. Part of this arises from the not uncommon appearance of women who have overly large, balloon-like breasts that make you wonder, “What were they thinking?” I imagine that many women who see these fake-looking breasts think that all those who undergo breast enhancement in Austin will end up looking like a cartoon character. This is not the case. In reality, most breast enhancements […]

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What is the best liposuction procedure in Austin today?

Liposuction is the removal of fat from the human body. Over the past 25 years since first becoming popular, it continues to be one of the most sought after body sculpting procedures in Austin and the rest of the country. What used to be performed solely by plastic surgeons is now offered by non plastic surgeons and medical spas. There has been a proliferation of machines and techniques, all accompanied by marketing of superior results, less pain and swelling, and […]

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How do I know if I need a breast lift? What is the best breast lift technique?

The laws of gravity work against your breasts so that eventually they will sag. The degree of sagging varies from patient to patient. A saggy breast doesn’t mean that it is an unattractive breast. As the breast sags, it harder to place it in your bra and it can change your appearance significantly when naked. Superior breast fullness diminishes and the nipple starts to point downward. All these changes are disappointing and lead many women to consider a breast lift […]

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Breast lift before and after: Westlake Plastic Surgery, Austin, Texas.

Young breasts are often perky, high and tight. Age, pregnancy, weight changes, illness, hormonal changes and gravity all work on the breast so that it eventually sags and loses superior fullness. This is what we refer to the appearance of the mature breast. A breast lift refers to all techniques to counter these changes. The goal is to create the youthful appearance of the female breast. Surgeons have focused on the skin, the underlying tissue and the use of a […]

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Asian Breast Augmentation in Austin, Texas: What you need to know about why it’s different.

Yes, that’s right. An Asian breast augmentation is different than all the others for reasons I will describe. As a general rule, Asian skin is much tighter and the dermis is a lot thicker. The muscles of the chest are typically more stuck to the underlying ribs making pocket dissection more challenging. Most importantly, Asian peoples scar worse than average, so much thought needs to go into the incision for implant placement. The tight nature of the skin and underlying […]

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Can you combine a breast augmentation with a breast reduction?

Yes, you can. This is my BAR procedure (Breast Augmentation and Reduction) that I have been working on for the past 10 years. Now, 500+ cases later the success and safety of the procedure has been demonstrated, and the power to transform the larger saggy breast is unmatched. This is not a breast lift with implant (mastopexy augmentation), this is an entirely different dual procedure that adds to the top of the breast (implant) and removes saggy tissue at the […]

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