Unrivaled Plastic Surgery Services and Amazing Espresso

Westlake Plastic Surgery is known for unrivaled plastic surgery services and amazing espresso. Most of my dear patients know that I am a big fan of my espresso. I’m often found enjoying my brew during the day and we encourage all who visit to partake in the experience. I probably learned how to enjoy coffee when I was in elementary school. My family always had a steel percolator pot of coffee with “Eight-o-clock” coffee beans. I remember the sound and […]

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Key Considerations for Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss

It is well known that we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic. For as long as we have been keeping track of the nation’s weight, we know it has never been higher. Houston, we have a weight problem. I know that it is a problem because it is the number one reason why patients in my practice are not candidates for plastic surgery. My day in the office with two patients helps illustrate the problem and the solution, […]

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Risperdal Lawsuit and Gynecomastia: What You Need to Know

I am not an attorney and I don’t get involved in legal matters like the class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson regarding its drug Risperdal and Risperdal side effects. Risperdal is an antipsychotic medication that has been used by males of all ages. It is one of numerous drugs and medications that may have side effects such as enlarged male breasts, or gynecomastia. What I can tell you is that gynecomastia is gynecomastia. The source or cause of established gynecomastia […]

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Top plastic surgeons Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas has changed quite a lot since I first arrived here permanently in the year 2000. When I was a kid going to the University of Texas it was a cow town: small and quaint, weird as ever and easily manageable. There was no downtown living, the highways were easy to navigate and Lake Austin boating was a breeze. Boy, how times have changed. There were about 25 plastic surgeons at that time and now this number is closer […]

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Fear of Anesthesia: What you need to know and what you can do to minimize it.

Patients who come to my practice are not afraid of plastic surgery—they fear anesthesia. They fear “going under,” losing control, and not waking up. It sounds like the perfect story line for a horror movie, when, in fact, it’s more like the story of Cinderella. The reason this fear exists is because our media circulates rare stories of plastic surgery blunders, the worst of which are related to anesthesia. Perception is reality even though statistics would tell an entirely different […]

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Face and neck lift recovery: Five things you must do for a speedy and smooth recovery.

After performing hundreds of face and neck lifts, there are 5 things that I insist all my patients do so that their recovery is the best that it can be. The goal is to avoid any complications and to get the patient back to the real world in about two weeks. The primary issues that slow us down are swelling and bruising. I call this a “boring” recovery—no drama or little obstacles that hinder your recovery progress. Particularly in the […]

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