Breast Augmentation in Austin, Texas: Reflections of a Senior Surgeon with 28 Years Experience

Breast augmentation is about two important issues—breast volume and breast shape. They are related to some degree, but are very independent in many ways that I will try to describe. Patients are most happy with a size that they can live with and a shape that is flattering in the mirror. Breast size is simply how large your implant can be in terms of volume. The following is a short list of issues that are related to size: 1. Most patients […]

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The Zone Classification System at the Austin Gynecomastia Center

I have devised a Zone Classification system at the Austin Gynecomastia Center that has been very useful in communicating with and treating gynecomastia patients. After my first 500 cases of gynecomastia, it became clear to me that there are very consistent zones of the male chest that can show signs of fullness, yet not all patients have the same combination of these zones. Developing this classification system has allowed my patients to effectively communicate the areas of concern and has allowed me to […]

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I wouldn’t touch you with a 20 foot pole!

I went to a doctor for my gynecomastia and he told me, “I wouldn’t touch you with a 20 foot pole.” This isn’t something I would want to hear, but I have quite a bit of respect for the doctor who said this to one of the patients I saw for a consultation recently. What the doctor was telling this patient is that the gynecomastia was outside of his comfort zone. Most surgeons frankly don’t see many cases of gynecomastia, […]

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All About the BAR Procedure: Breast Augmentation and Reduction

Breast augmentation and breast lift in Austin, Texas. Why Westlake Plastic Surgery offers you the best alternative possible. I just finished my weekend run around Town Lake and after observing the women around me, it dawned on me that my BAR procedure is all about making your breasts appear as if you’re wearing your best bra, even when you’re not! Let me explain all about the Bar Procedure: breast augmentation and reduction. Unless you’re young and perfect or you have […]

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Is SmartLipo really an effective treatment for gynecomastia?

My most challenging gynecomastia cases involve the consequences of SmartLipo treatment. SmartLipo is a liposuction device that is laser based and has been heavily marketed for over a decade as the ultimate form of liposuction because it claims to do everything anyone could want—no anesthesia, no bruising or swelling and perfect results every time! But, is SmartLipo really an effective treatment for gynecomastia? A decade later, the evidence tells me quite a different story. As a Senior surgeon in my […]

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What short term and long term results should you expect after liposuction?

The other day, a patient told me that her friend who had undergone treatment for liposuction didn’t see results, and the doctor told her to wait six months for all the swelling to go away before she could appreciate the wonders of the procedure. Six months later, she was still much fuller than she wanted to be and didn’t even notice a difference. How could this be? Isn’t liposuction recovery all about reducing the amount of fat, and hence your […]

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