A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. The two pictures above left me and my staff speechless when we looked at them on my computer one afternoon after a busy day in the office. What do you see when you look at these pictures? What was your initial reaction? How does it make you feel? What I see confuses me. I know that I am looking at two people of the opposite sex, but there are more […]

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Gynecomastia Vests and the TSA

Treatment for gynecomastia at the AGC is routine. I perform over 125 cases a year for patients all over the globe. One thing they all have in common is the gynecomastia compression garment they use for the first three weeks after treatment. This helps with the swelling, the healing, and the compression feels good. The downside of the garment is that it can be uncomfortable to some patients particularly in the area around the underarms. But what do gynecomastia vests and […]

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New Breast Lift with Implants that Shapes the Ideal Breast

There hasn’t been much innovation in the world of breast enhancement until now. For those who are considering a breast implant and breast lift, the BAR procedure or Breast Augmentation and Reduction clearly has been a game changer. This is the name of the procedure that I have created and refined over the past 15 years with much success, essentially a new breast lift with implants that shapes the ideal breast. Women who seek a breast implant and breast lift often […]

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Mondor’s Condition: Gynecomastia Recovery and Post-Operative Cords of the Chest

“Mondor’s” sounds terrible, but it is actually a benign and self-limiting condition that can appear after gynecomastia procedures. The superficial veins of the chest area become inflamed, forming cords that are painful and restrict the movement of your upper arms. In most cases, these cords of veins can be seen and felt. From my observations, patients who have Mondor’s usually have more inflammation and swelling of the chest area in general. About 10-15 percent of my patients may experience this […]

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The Surgery is Boring and the Results are Exciting!

At the Austin Gynecomastia Center, the surgery is boring and the results are exciting. I like it that way. I have told many of my patients that I once thought about retiring at the tender age of 56, but I was brought back into the love of medicine with the help of the AGC and all the wonderful folks with gynecomastia who I have had the privilege of meeting. I am reinvigorated and look forward to each and every day […]

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Gynecomastia Treatment After Surgery Day 1

Many patients want to know what to expect from gynecomastia treatment in terms of recovery, pain and discomfort, and their ability to care for themselves. Here are two examples of gynecomastia treatment after surgery. As you can see from these pictures, there are two patients who had standard treatment at the AGC and are seen the next day afterwards. You can see that swelling and bruising is minimal and that these guys are walking around in minimal to no pain. Yes, […]

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